Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's a 314chan?

    • 314chan is an imageboard, created by parley and goo in 2011 that advocates for the freedom of speech expressed by the fact that users create their own board. If this sounds familiar, 8chan employed an automatic system of creating boards, we at 314chan take care of each user with our staff's years of expertise.
  2. Imageboard? What's that?

    • An imageboard is like a forum, with images attached to posts, but without any requirement to sign up, and breach your privacy.
  3. Who's your Mark Poole?, Your Branden Brennan?

    • If you're asking who runs 314chan, My username is parley. You can google around for my real details, but never use my real name while on my site. I don't feel like getting popular for running an imageboard just because.
  4. How do I use one of these imageboards?

    • If you don't know how to use an imageboard, try on 4chan before attempting to post on 314chan! We have slightly different markup.
  5. Rules?

    • Please keep discussions tame and legal. Read more in on the rules.
  6. I love imageboard archives! where's yours?

    • We will never have one. Never make one, or use one. Imageboards are made to be pruned, and lost forever. Deal with it, or make local archives.
  7. I'm a developer! Where are your JSON APIs?

    • All boards are listed at boards.json. We also have a posts API, but it currently doesn't display the OP post. This is a major issue, and is currently is currently being looked into.